And it begins..

This is me and the love of my life, Greg. This is my blog, but I’m sure there will be more than a few posts that he will contribute to. I will probably talk about him way too much in this blog, so a proper introduction is necessary. I’m 20 years old, from the good old Eastern Shore of Maryland. He’s twenty also, but from Pittsburgh, PA. That’s a stretch though– he’s not even close to being a city boy! He lives in a smaller township about thirty to forty minutes outside downtown Pittsburgh. We met last fall on September 24th at my best friends apartment in Blacksburg (VA Tech). I went to Clemson at the time so this was after a four and a half hour drive. After that weekend, we met and two new relationships started. One being with greg and I, and the other with Brittany and Joe. (We are all still happily together and plan on it staying like that 🙂 ) Greg and I officially started dating last November 20th, and I haven’t looked back since that day. I couldn’t be happier in my life with him by my side. As for this blog, we’ll keep the stories simple from the past and just start 8 months in, since I was a little slow on starting a new blog. Hope you all enjoy reading about me, my life, and all those in it!


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