The countdown is on

SO! The countdown will be made official by announcing it on the new blog…

24 days until I move into my new apartment in Blacksburg. YAY!

Not everyone knows my storyline of schools I’ve attended, but I can honestly say this year will be the first time I am absolutely ecstatic to go to school. I’ll be going to Virginia Tech, an awesome school with a great environment for FUN and learning! Greg goes there also and will be meeting me down there in 24 days to start our school year! My apartment is only 5 minutes from school and two minutes from Greg’s, perfect if ya ask me! This summer has flown by. I’ve been to Dallas, TX, Pittsburgh, Cancun Mexico, and Myrtle Beach SC all in the past what, two months. I haven’t worked as much as I should have, but hey you’re only young once right?? I’ve really enjoyed my summer, the planning visits back and forth to Pittsburgh have been stressful but somehow Greg and I always figure it out and make the best out of the time we have. Last Friday night, I flew into Pitt and stayed with Greg until we both drove to Salisbury Wednesday. Today he left to drive home, and tomorrow he will be flying to Italy. As happy as I am for him to go abroad, I’m super jealous too. I’m a little hesitant about how much we won’t be able to talk but I just keep reminding myself that in 24 days we’ll be seeing each other and talking WAY too much so no need to worry now. I’m hoping this blog will keep me occupied until he gets home. Though, a blog will be hard to keep up with this week at least.. seven of the next ten days I am working and I can’t say I am excited about it! The worst part- only 4 will be paid! I am doing an internship/volunteer hours at an outpatient physical therapy facility during the week and waitressing on the weekends. Guess I’ll go try to entertain myself by reading or running…ten more sleeps til I see greg and only one more sleep until work…ugh.


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