long day #1

Today is my first day of work since I’ve been on my one millions vacations this month. Today was Dennys..8am.. start my day off with a 16 person party. Not the way I wanted to start my first day back but I ended up making really good money for a six hour shift. I had another 16 person party that only tipped 8$, that is the reason this will probably be my last summer at Dennys. Don’t go out to eat if you can’t tip. Waitresses make NO hourly wage practically once taxes are taken out. I didn’t see one person I knew in Denny’s today, which is probably a good thing since I didn’t shower before work today ;-). I’m a little hesitant about going in tomorrow…everyone will be leaving the Dew Tour in Ocean City and I’m afraid of how busy we will be. Oh well, I have easy side work! Greg leaves for Italy tonight, but luckily we just got an hour skype session before he leaves for the airport. I’m praying they stay in hotels that have internet so skype will work. His amazing parents got him a rental phone to use internationally so that we can still talk! As for tonight, I will probably find something new to bake and watch a movie with Dotster. After I find the new recipe I’ll post it later tonight and let you know if it’s successful.

Last night, I finally got to see one of my long lost best friends and I have to be honest, friendships mean so much and it takes only a few hours catching up with someone to realize how much the relationship means to you. I love you Andrea! I’ve had crabs two days in a row and I’m not complaining, thanks to Andrea and Greg being home :-). I’m so happy to be surrounded by those few special people that make me happy and give me reason to live! I am an honest believer that it doesn’t take many people in your life to know just how lucky and special you are, remember that!

Look out for a cool new recipe later! Gregory J, I hope you have a safe flight to Paris and then Italy! I’ll miss you a bunch; I am kind of dreading the time difference…


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