Ready for Monday..

I’ve kept myself busy for the past two days and haven’t spent enough me time to write in this blog. Monday I did my physical therapist volunteer hours and yesterday I spent the major part of my day in doctors offices. The one downfall to heading back to school is having to get in all my appointments before I leave. I hate the dentist, and yesterday was much dreaded for an 8am filling…but I lived to tell you about it :-). However necessary this filling was, I can be the first to say I do not think it is worth 225$.. yes TWO HUNDRED!! I don’t know what will happen when I’m paying for doctor visits like that…because that’s nuts. I went grocery shopping for my mom and I yesterday, and they had an awesome buy 1 get 1 free deal on strawberries.. so of course last night I baked a new treat 🙂 It was super easy and required a minimum amount of ingredients. It was called fresh strawberry crumble and just like every other recipe, Dottie says it’s one of the best ones so far!

Greg’s been gone for four days or so, and I think we’ve racked up way too much money talking internationally. It’s $1.30 for every minute, and 50 cents for every texts he sends. I don’t even want to know what his Verizon bill will be this month. Have you ever gotten a little scared because of just how good things are? I swear the way our relationship is, and how I feel like I’ve found the one at such a young age.. it’s scary! It’s fun, but I like keeping scary things at an arm’s distance away.. and this whole love thing is already completely inside of me! I’m happy and lucky and thank God every day for this wonderful person he’s brought into my life. As happy as it makes me, it’s very scary knowing that I now have something so dear to me that I could lose. Enough of all that, come home Greg!!! The time difference, 6 hours, sucks. I wake up and his day is more than half over! He goes to bed at 5 or 6pm our time…leaving me with a boring night!

I work tomorrow thru Sunday..and then to Pittsburgh! Can’t wait.

5 more sleeps. Yes, I’m counting.


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