new week!

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve last posted, I have a bad habit of not updating when I’m busy with Gregory. Last week was pretty busy… Monday I drove to Pittsburgh to spend a few last days of my summer with Greg and his family.  I was actually there before he got home from the airport, it took them a while to get through customs/get their baggage when they finally got back from Italy. So I can’t remember exactly what we did while I was there, but I did get to meet his other set of grandparents on his mom’s side. They are from Atlanta, GA and are very sweet just like his Nana and Pappy! His kind, loving, and big family is one of the things I love about dating him! We went to see Crazy Stupid Love. I’ll just go ahead and say it’s not neccessary to pay money to see it in theaters– it wasn’t that good and wasn’t that funny. I liked Friends with Benefits alot more– just alot of sex. We went to a place called Trax Farms which is like a huge farmers market, with lots of organic stuff and cool packaged things. I got some items to take to school with me. On Thursday, I drove home ot Salisbury and Greg had his first night at the Deloitte leadership conference thing. They took him and like 20 other possible intern’s to a Pirates (baseball) game in downtown Pittsburgh. On Friday, I did 8 more volunteer hours at the PT clinic while Greg was doing the day portion of the Leadership Conf. at Deloitte. I’m so excited for him, I hope this works out in a way that he can get some sort of internship!

Friday after his conference my wonderfulllll dedicated man drove here without even going home to change first! A long seven hours later, he was in Salisbury at 11pm. I had takeout from Tokyo waiting on the table for him, we made Jello pretzel salad for my family gathering Saturday, and went to bed… We are not old enough to go to bed so early haha. Yesterday we didn’t do very much, ran a few errands and went to look at kittens that I won’t end up getting this year :(, and then we went to my uncle’s house for a cookout. Greg got to meet my cousin Travis for the first time, and our entire family got to meet his new fiance. Today my aunt nancy and mom took greg and I to ocean city to just walk the boardwalk and eat lunch. The heat got to us quickly…it got so muggy and gross out! Then two oclock rolled around all too quickly and greg left me 😦 in 8 more sleeps we will be together every single day at Tech and I think it’s going to be the best year of my life! It’s almost been nine months with him and I know that the next nine will be even better…if thats even possible!


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