less than 48 hours

I know I’m not doing very well with keeping up with my blog recently, but I promise I have been busy! For the past week I feel like my mom and I have just been shopping and shopping and more shopping. We got lots of cool necessities for my room at school and I’m so excited to get there and start unpacking everything. I have one last day in Salisbury before I leave bright and early Monday morning to make the 6 and a half hour drive. Greg decided to start packing today…I started last weekend 🙂 Maybe sometimes it would be nicer to be a guy just for the packing aspect! Today was supposed to be my last beach day, but weather was not on our side. I was lazy til around 1130 and we headed to Berlin, had lunch and window shopped but didn’t find anything all too special sadly. The Globe was packed and I wasn’t too impressed with my lunch. However, they have the most amazing Strawberry Vinagrette dressing– I have to attempt to make it sometime. I’m so excited for Monday. I can’t keep it out of my mind! I just want to get all this started. My schedule is awesome, but I am going to have a great deal of work to do.. I’m kinda nervous about all the credits I’m taking. Sorry for the short post, but my Cherry-Cream Cheese Brownies only have a few minutes left so I have to go check on them. Then watching the end of Sisterhood of the traveling pants, 2!


3 thoughts on “less than 48 hours

  1. I am so excited that you are so excited but I’m really going to miss you Nicolet! I hope you have a fantastic schoolyear at VT and can’t wait to come visit. Looking forward to your posts here and hoping that your “dreams become reality” haha. Be good to Greg. Love you!!

  2. Thanks for sharing with all of us. The only constant in life is change…if you two have figured that out already (and it sounds like you have) then you are well on your way! 10,000 blessings & Love to you both! Hope to see you soon.

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