Writing from Blacksburg

All settled in, well kind-of, to my new apartment in Maple Ridge! Today has been long…and I’m still awake and so is Greg- almost weird because we barely make it to 12 every other night.

My day started at 520 with a wake up alarm. By 6AM, I was in the car and on my way to Blacksburg. In attempts to beat traffic I left super early and I’d say I was succesful. I made good time at 6 hours and fifteen minutes, with a detour on backroads for the last 40 minutes. When I got here, the key pick up was easy.. then I unpacked 80% of my car waiting for Greg to arrive. He was here about 20 minutes after me and after we unloaded stuff we headed to lunch.. first one of the year at Macadoo’s 🙂 YUM! Mom and Aunt Nancy- we will go here when you guys comein a few weeks— yes you guys are coming. Stop deciding, start planning. (Greg said PLEASE! too). After lunch we ran to Christiansburg to pick up a few more storage things and a desk. We still have a few more things to buy tomorrow but other than that, we have decorating of the room left! It’s looking a little boring right now. Tomorrow we will also make sure I get my Hokie Passport and all the secretorial things done before class next week.  I can’t wait to finally be done all this so we can just relax! As soon as we’re done with me we have to get him situated though so I guess that won’t be for a while…



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