Wow, so it’s b…

Wow, so it’s been a while.

I obviously found myself with little time to blog over the past few months during my fall semester. Between learning my way at my new school, to spending time with Greg, and earning a super great GPA- I didn’t leave much time to even think about writing. That being said, I have missed it. After reading just a few posts that I have written in the past it made me want to start up again.

This semester was filled with anatomy, alot of it. I learned how to really study and retain information, and I managed to get an A in both lab and lecture! Big accomplishment! I finally am truly happy at school, and I’m not embarrassed that it took me two years to find where I really belong. It may not be ideal, but it was sure worth the wait. I was fortunate enough to volunteer at a Montessori Preschool Monday Wednesday and Fridays. I plan on trying to do observation hours to for PT school next semester. Greg and I spent quite a bit of time together, including getting to go to a couple concerts- Luke Bryan was the best to date that I have seen in concert! Over Thanksgiving Greg was in Salisbury for the first part with me and the last part of the break we were in Pittsburgh. We went to the Medallion Ball for his little sisters accomplishments in community service and it was quite the event. Not something I would have wanted to miss out on. (Picture is posted below). Finals week was a struggle but I made it out alive and happy about that….. I have been home for a few days and have yet to bake. Hopefully I will be able to before I leave for Pittsburgh on Friday! I’m so excited to spend Christmas with the Weimers, and so lucky to have the oppurtunity. Everything but the long drive to Pittsburgh in the cold weather sounds like fun. 

Currently watching the Steelers game vs the 49ers, sorry Gregory but I am hoping they lose. The power went out at the stadium again, wtf? But lets hope the red and gold win so that Ravens stay in 1st place!

Hopefully this won’t be the last post for a while, it keeps me occupied and away from studying for the dreaded GRE…



2 thoughts on “Wow, so it’s b…

  1. nice to see you writing again, love your blog. I am so very proud of your hard work this semester, you are amazing!! love to you… mom

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