Post Thanksgiving Break Blues

Thanksgiving is over, the countdown to Christmas has started. The break did not seem nearly long enough, though it was ten days long! Gregory and I spent our holiday break at his house in Pittsburgh. We also celebrated our two year anniversary while we were there. We went to a nice restaurant on the top of Mt. Washington and enjoyed a seafood dinner while looking out over the city and Heinz Field (EW! I hate the Steelers! 🙂 ) I really enjoyed spending time with all of his family, especially his younger sisters and parents. They are such a giving family and I am so thankful for how much they include me in!

Exciting things happened this past week– after two years of dating, our parents finally met! My mom came to the Weimer’s house for Thanksgiving and it went really well, as expected of course! I think they both really enjoyed each other’s company and I’m looking forward to when they meet again. 

Only three short weeks until I get to go home for my last break of undergrad! I will be home in Salisbury, living at home, for the LAST TIME in December! It’s crazy. Less than four years ago, I would have never pictured my life to turn out how it has. I will be moving to Pittsburgh in the middle of May to start my three-year DPT program at Pitt! I’m so lucky!!

Time to stop procrastinating and get some real work done!


Here’s a few pictures from break:




A few gifts from Gregory


Me at my new school!Image

A gift from his Nana and Pappy!



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