God is SO good!

So much news to share!

Last week a beautiful litte girl was brought into the world. Congrats to Zachary and Elisabeth on the birth of their daughter Lucia! I’m so excited to get to meet her next month when we come to Texas for New Years! 

This past weekend, Gregory and I went to Winston-Salem to visit with my sister and Donna. We had some of the best sushi we’ve ever had! We got back on Saturday to watch VT Men’s basketball play the ranked Oklahoma State team–and we won! We are 7-0 now; I’m so glad we actually bought season tickets this year. Sunday was pretty uneventful until…..

On midnight Sunday night, Gregory got an email saying that his Pitt decision was available. Of course, I was already sleeping and he had to wake me up to share the good news- HE GOT IN! This means that we will both be Pitt graduate students next year 🙂 His program is only a year long for a Masters of Accountancy. He’s getting his 150 credits so that he can sit for the CPA exam. If you had asked me a year ago, I couldn’t have even imagined God planning out our future like this. I can promise that we would have worked out regardless of where we ended up– me at Maryland or him at Pitt or VT– but it somehow worked out perfectly and we will be in the same place for all of grad school and jobs! I’m so thankful that God has lifted this stress off of me, lately it was all I could think about wondering what exactly would happen next. Probably one of my downfalls to want a “plan” at all times, but at least now that plan is already settled! 

As most probably know, I have absolutely terrible knees that will probably never function at a high level again. After two knee surgeries and still dealing with the repercussions, I have come to terms with the fact that I simply can’t run five miles at a time anymore. When I go to the gym I attempt to run only 1 mile- and let me tell you, it is SO hard for someone who loves to run- and  I also do the elliptical/stairmaster. I don’t think we realize how lucky we have it, at VT we have a free gym membership to a gym that has everything! Anyways, I decided that I needed to find something else to both exercise and relieve some stress. Yoga is definitely the answer!! Melinda and I went to an early morning Hot Yoga session in Blacksburg today, and it was just what I needed. You sweat out all the toxins, stretch, energize, and exercise all without adding stress on your knees! I LOVED IT! Needless to say, yoga may be my newest obsession.

Baby Luci!!!



Celebratory Drinks for Pitt acceptances before the Lee Brice concert!



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