Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to each and every one of you who found this blog site. I can imagine this might be a “new years” resolution for many- to keep up with a blog, and write as much as possible. I have found that writing is my way to escape from the mundane day to day activities; writing keeps me busy, happy and interested in new things. This will be my way to tell Gregory and I’s story- so that we will have this to look back on when we need more inspiration.

Without hesitation, I am ready to recap our amazing year. We have had one for the memory books- it’s almost incredible what we have accomplished in 365 days. We have joked that 2015 will be fun simply because we have no “concrete” plans! We got engaged on December 24, 2013 and things haven’t slowed down since. On January 2 of 2014, we booked our wedding ceremony venue at Heinz Memorial Chapel ( a huge deal!!!!!). We found the church that we wanted to say our vows in- the place that solidified our forever promises to each other. At the time, the value was in finding the perfect venue- the perfect place to marry my husband. One year later after the vows, that church has SO MUCH more meaning. We said we would love each other every day, good and bad, in front of a Catholic priest. The meaning of that ceremony is more than a perfect venue- it is where I made the decision that I would forever be Nicolet June Weimer ( I am so incredibly proud to declare this). Following the confirmation of our venue, we continued the beginning of 2014 with signed contracts of many wedding vendors, reception site, and more. We were living in a one bedroom apartment in Shadyside, a neighborhood of Pgh, close to Univ of Pittsburgh. We had mentioned looking for a house…but I was unaware of how serious we were….

Come April of 2014, we started house hunting- it was fun; full of hopes and dreams of the perfect house with everything a young woman could imagine! We saw a few homes that could work- but then we came across “the one.” Our now Weimer parents showed us a home in a nearby neighborhood that had more than what we could imagine- 4 bedrooms, full basement, open floor plan, 2 living rooms, a 2 car garage… we wanted it so bad but thought it was out of our league! Needless to say, we ended up on Bluestone where our family found a home (Myself, Gregory, and Finn as of now). We moved in on June 1, 2014.

This year, Gregory graduated with his masters in accounting at univ of pitt and started work at E & Y. He did have a month off before work began; he perfected the exterior portion of our house!! I finished my first year of DPT physical therapy school, did a 6 week full time clinical, and had 3 week summer vacation. During that break, we bought a new Jeep ( which made all of my wishes of driving in the Pitt SNOW come true!!!!). In August, i began my second year of PT school and somehow finished up wedding planning.

To end September, Gregory’s cousin Robert got married to the beautiful Stephanie and we witnessed a true confession of love. This made us too excited to do the same thing in 6 weeks! We continued on as we came through the homestretch towards our wedding

November 14, 2014: Our parents (Greg’s parents) held an incredible rehearsal dinner at Heinz History Center in downtown Pittsburgh for our out of town guests and family. It was the perfect night to end our relationship as a “single” couple.

November 15, 2014: To date, this is the best day of my life. I married the man of my dreams. I married the man who I was never sure that I even deserved. He treats me with the utmost respect and love. I have, literally, hit the freaking jackpot. He is smart, driven, loving, compassionate, perfect, and even more that you don’t even get to know. He lets me win arguments, and teaches me new ways to deal with those arguments. It’s too much to even reiterate in a simple blog post- he is worth so much more than words. I spent an entire day celebrating our love, our families, our new beginning, and our forever.

I could write an entire post on how perfect our day was, but I can imagine most feel as thought their wedding day was beyond perfect. I can respect that because I know how much all of the brides put into the planning :).

Our year ended with a honeymoon to St. Lucia in December and a beautiful Christmas spent with both families. Both sets of parents understand us as a couple- they accept us as who we are and who we hope to be and there’s nothing more that we could want. We had a honeymoon to remember, and a perfect first Christmas together as husband and wife.

As we end 2014, I look to thank all of those who were involved in making this year memorable. We have so incredibly much to be thankful for. That being said, we are so ready to take on 2015. After this year, I realize that those big moments of a wedding, graduation, and new houses or a new car— they are wonderful, but it’s about those people that share those moments with you… It’s about the advice that got you to that decision; It’s about the guidance you needed to get you to the success you are experiencing now. Thank you, 2014- I have learned so much from you.


One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. Just beautiful sweet Nicolet !! I love reading this. I have always known what a gift you have in the way you express your feelings, thank you for sharing. I love you and Gregory and Finn so much and am also so excited to see your future together unfold!!
    Love, mom d.

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