Six Months.

As if you’d be surprised, blog posts have been few and far between in the past few months. I’m claiming that I have been too busy to take time to write a new post or find something new to tell people about- however, I’m fully aware this is not an adequate excuse! This isn’t even close to everything; I probably don’t have the patience to completely express everything but this is a good glimpse.

My last few months have been relatively uneventful, other than finishing up the last few months of the didactic (academic) portion of my DPT degree career. As of April 24th, I will be done with my 2 year clinical and classroom portion, and moving onto my yearlong clinical. My dreams have finally come true- I was lucky enough to earn a yearlong placement through Children’s Hospital Pittsburgh Physical Therapy department and I couldn’t be more excited. My 3rd year clinical begins on May 4th and I graduate on April-something-2016 and I can’t waiiiiittttttt….

April 15. 2015

Gregory and I have been married for 6 months. It’s been really exciting, fun, wonderful, challenging, interesting, and intriguing.  It’s never been “easy” because it’s a new territory for both of us. We have always been very “together” in everything that we do, but being married is a whole new ballgame! I love every aspect of joining our lives. It’s not a “normal” newlywed marriage I’m still in school and he’s at a new-ish job. But, what is a “normal” marriage in your terms?

When we first talked about marriage, I had many questions about the norms of marriage yet I continually asked when it was going to happen because I was just too excited to start the next phase of our life… “Are we too young to get married? Should we live together yet? Isn’t there research that says cohabitation prior to marriage means you will get divorced? Do you know all of my bad habits and are you SURE you can live with me forever? Are you sure?!!?! What about a family?! Have we talked about all of the things we are supposed to talk about before deciding on forever?!” Yes, I asked a lot of questions. If you know who I am, you probably aren’t surprised by the wide array of rhetorical, unanswerable questions I asked. I had a preconceived notion that I was to know every little thing about my husband before we got married so that I was SURE he was perfect for me. To be honest, our four years of growing up together told me a lot about him; and I’d venture to say I knew a ton about this man before we entered into our “forever” stage.

I was wrong.

I met him when I was 19. NINETEEN YEARS OLD. I thought I was way too young to really know, butttttt the day I met him, I told my mom and best friend I would marry him. I am currently 23 (one month away from 24) and I am 6 months married to the absolute man of my dreams. I thought I was marrying a man who I thought was perfect. I thought our relationship was perfect. I thought I knew everything about him/ I thought I knew the timing of our future plans and how it was all going to go- because, let’s be honest- I needed a plan to move forward.

I am very much in love with the man I married. But, things are different. It’s no longer a question of what will be, or what it is going to be like. Sometimes, things come up and we have to make exceptions to the “what is supposed to happen” plan. I learned that CHANGES are fine! They aren’t going to really matter in the long run; if the change is that big, we will talk about it and plan accordingly (because clearly I need that). He has proved me wrong in so many ways- our perfect is more than that….. He has taught me how to make exceptions to my plan. He has taught me that what I knew doesn’t have to be written in stone. Hey, the best part- making changes to what “should happen” can be a GOOD thing. I have found that unexpected happenings can be good for each of us and that is amazing.

We are open in every aspect of our lives. I can be a little high-strung after a long day of school/studying (Right PT school friends?!); he can talk REALLY loud after a long day of meetings with a bunch of really smart talkative opinionated Accounting co-workers! (Right EY! friends?!!)  I tell him when he is talking too loud. He tells me when I’m being too critical. I tell him when he is being too goofy while I’m studying. He tells me when I’m planning too much. All in all, we have faults, quirks, and negatives to our personalities. For us, pointing those out to the other person helps us makes changes; inevitably, this helps our relationship.

This may be a pointless read for some, and fun for others! I needed to share this because for the past 6 months, I have been in a whirlwind of new, exciting, crazy, challenging experiences that could NEVER be put into words fully. I love writing, and this is my way of making sense of my life and my experiences. Here’s to the next six months, and here’s to hoping I find more time for purposeful blogging….


2 thoughts on “Six Months.

  1. Nicolet,
    That was very well written and I can’t tell you how proud of you I am and what an amazing SISSY you are! Every blessing in your life you deserve! You are an incredible talented smart young lady and I’m so happy I got to see you and Gregory come together and start your life together! I love you both so very much!

    Danielle (and Donovan) 🙂

  2. Nicolet,
    As you continue to amaze me, this has been so beautiful to wake up to read this morning! You have such a talent for expressing yourself, your pure love for Gregory
    and your journey into marriage is special to read about. Thank you for sharing your
    joy and your love. This is a beautiful 6 month tribute to your marriage.
    Love you so much, mom.

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